Days of the Week - Index

The history of the days of the week is an interesting and peculiarly human one. It is closely intertwined with the advancement of mankind through the centuries. Click on the links below to find the history of a particular day or read through the entire site by clicking on the "next page" links at the bottom of each page.

In The Week we have a brief explanation of how we came to have a seven day week. It could have been six, it could have been ten. Why seven?

Sunday is the Lord's day for Christians, yet it is named for the sun. Find out why.

If the sun has its own day why not the moon on Monday?

Tuesday is not named for the number. It is named for a Norse God!

Was Wednesday named for weddings? Not even close. (Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades).

After reading this the next time you hear thunder on Thursday you will remember how this day got its name.

Friday is the only day of the week named for a woman. Why Friday, and why this woman?

Saturday is the only day of the week in the English language that retained its Roman character.

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