Tripuri d o tripata

Fragmente dintr-o poveste, 1 trip de peste... puterea mea

I only trip when i'm awake... so let me dream on, sleep on... wake me up when you're done. If the damage is already @create
then maybe i'm 2 late.
Should i stay and try...
run away and hide...

You left yourself... so what can i leave behind
if there's nothing left. If my battle has begone
now i wonder how long...
will i run and hide?
Never will i tell my side.
Never tell why i lie,
Never will i cry.

I love u 2 the future,
but u r in2 the past.

Every inch of my body runs to your senses.
Hunt me down and touch me everywhere...


void said...

Nice :) mi-a placut mult bucatzica cu "Hunt me down", are asa o forta care vine oarecum neasteptat pe final, un iz animalic asa :P Ah si tin sa mentionez pe aceasta cale (nu cumva sa uit) ca mi-a placut tare mult si filmuletzu cu Come as you are cantat de Emilie Simon :D

bogdan.... said...

you never change ...u're still the same...the one..i knew...i think i still love u...with all my heart..but i'm only dreaming..