Maine am examen... :))))

Dupa o indelunga pregatire pt a studia.... nessul baut... tigarile se fumeaza... muzik continua sa ma injecteaze.... eu! nu am invatat nimic! >>> nimic nou in asta... Si s-a ajuns la asta>>> > back to me: red is green!?!.. She was a beautiful boy... i'am singing to yaaaa... like a moan... wish i was there cuz'u are here... fake tales of madalina manole.. secretly u do what i tell u >>>>
SPEED is the key!!!
> .... i spend my last time in you're body.. less is more... but still mad about ya >> Rosia e rosie/ castravetele e verde/ iar ceapa este elementul!!

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Anonymous said...

asa... cum nu ai invatat nimic? Ai invatat ca music sound better cand ii creezi un nou sens :D "Listen, real poetry doesn't say anything; it just ticks off the possibilities. Opens all doors. You can walk through anyone that suits you." ;)